Saturday, 16 August 2014


So! I barely ate all day (again tut tut). I am sooooo disorganised which I am learning fast that is not the way to be when living this lifestyle. So today I finally ate at 9pm!! Again NOT COOL. So I decided to put a little bit of everything in. Asparagus, tender stem broccoli, salad potatoes and carrots all to go with my pasta. I had already put 100g of the pasta to boil thinking I was just having that with a bit of sauce and decided to add the veg to the steamer after. I definately did not take into consideration that;
1) my plates are just the normal size 
2) my eyes are bigger than my belly and 
3) that I could actually manage all that food. 

So here's my dinner:

As you can see I had to use a plate and I bowl (lol how greedy do I look!) 

Here's how the calories look:

Note to self: you do not like asparagus on its own! Especially steamed (eww) next time cook in with the sauce!!

Anywhoo I ended up leaving half the asparagus and half the pasta so the calories I actually consumed looked a little more like this:

What a difference all that pasta makes eh! Glad I don't eat it that often. Also next time would not have the pasta AND potatoes lol. Hunger can make you just want everything lol. 

Anywhoo moral of the story is PLAN! I should try to remember this lol. 

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