Friday, 1 August 2014

Vegan Starbucks frapp!

So this is a quick recipe for the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappachino that Starbucks in UK only sell in the summer. Doing it the vegan way doesn't taste exactly like it because you have to leave out the chocolate sauce and squirty cream on top 😔 but it still tastes pretty darn good. Remember to experiment to make this to your tastes. 

Here is a list of ingredients needed:

12-15 ice cubes (this varies depending on the thickness you would like..experiment) 
1tsp Coffee Grannules (make a shot)
2-3tbls of drinking chocolate (my app says this is vegan)
200mls of alternative milk (I use Almond unsweeted normally) 
Around 1tbls of vegan chocolate chips (I don't have any so I left these out this time) 


1. Place the ice and the "milk" into the blender jug

2. Add the drinking chocolate and the coffee shot (and the chips if you have them) 

3. Blend until all mixed together. I tend to do a high pulse for 20secs then pulse it as needed.

4. Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy!! 

Remember to check your blenders manual to check maximum frozen ingredients allowed to avoid burning out the motor. 


  1. This looks like an interesting blog! Chocolate never fails to attract! I cannot promise it will taste the same, but these two items might help you replace the chocolate sauce and creamy topping. Both available in the UK, I get my choc sauce from Tesco.

    I wish you well on your vegan journey of discovery!

    1. Oh my!! I think I love you lol. Thanks hun, I saw that Choc Shot in Sainsburys but refused to look at it (before making the switch to vegan) as I didnt want to fall in love with it and not be allowed it....and not in a million years did I think there would be a cream topping suitable!! Thank you so much...still lots to learn as you can see :)